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An independent office holder whose primary role is to enquire into allegations regarding MPs' claims for business costs and expenses

Requesting a Review

The Compliance Officer will, at the request of an MP, conduct a review of a decision by IPSA to refuse an expense claim in whole or in part.

If IPSA determines that a claim submitted by an MP is to be refused or that only part of the amount claimed is to be allowed then, in the first instance, an MP should request IPSA to reconsider their determination. The Compliance Officer must satisfy himself that IPSA's internal review process has been exhausted before he may carry out a review. If, following IPSA's internal review, the decision remains unaltered, an MP may request a further review of IPSA's determination by the Compliance Officer.

In the event that the Compliance Officer upholds the original determination by IPSA, the MP may instigate an appeal to the First-tier Tribunal.

How to request a review

If you wish to request a review, please submit your request using the contact details on our Contact us page.

When submitting your request you may find it helpful to use our form, but if you choose not to then please include the following information:

  • Your contact details;
  • Claim number(s);
  • Details of IPSA's review decision and an explanation of the grounds for contesting that decision;
  • Details of what you believe the correct payments should be and how the figure was arrived at (if relevant); and
  • Any supporting documentation or details of where this can be found.

The Compliance Officer will acknowledge any request within two working days.

Review Process


  • When the Compliance Officer receives a Review request, he will acknowledge the request within two working days. He will then write to IPSA to inform them that an MP has submitted a claim for a Compliance Review. In this letter of notification, IPSA will be asked to confirm that the claim has been reconsidered by IPSA’s own internal review function, and whether that process has been completed.
  • Following confirmation from IPSA, the first step is to assess the information the MP has provided and to determine what additional information is required in order to complete a full and independent Review. The Compliance Officer will then request any additional information from the MP and IPSA necessary to complete the Review.


  • On receiving the additional information, the Compliance Officer will consider the representations and supporting documentation against the relevant edition of the MPs' Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses.
  • During the Review process the Compliance Officer will also assess IPSA’s validation process, so as to ensure he fully understands why IPSA refused the claim(s) in question.
  • The Compliance Officer will then determine whether IPSA’s decision should be confirmed or altered.


  • Once the Compliance Officer has concluded his Review, he will send a statement of his decision to IPSA and to the MP. In the statement the Compliance Officer will set out whether he has confirmed or altered IPSA's determination.
  • He may also make findings about the way in which IPSA dealt with the claim in question.
  • Following the statement of the Compliance Officer's findings, the MP has 28 days to appeal the decision to the First-tier Tribunal.
  • After the 28 day period has passed or any relevant appeals have been completed, IPSA will make any payments or adjustments necessary to give effect to the Compliance Officer's decision.


  • The Compliance Officer will publish his decision statement once all the review stages have been completed.
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