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An independent office holder whose primary role is to enquire into allegations regarding MPs' claims for business costs and expenses

Freedom of Information

As an office holder within the public sector, the Compliance Officer for IPSA is subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000.

The FOIA gives a general right of access to information held by public authorities and we embrace our obligations under the Act.

To enhance our transparency under these obligations, we publish the details of each request received and our response in full. Details of these can be found below.


Before making your request

The information that you are seeking may already be publicly available. We publish information on investigations and reviews on this website. Details of complaints handled each financial year can be found via this link.

You should note that the Compliance Officer and IPSA are separate public authorities for the purposes of the FOIA. If your request relates to MPs' business costs and expenses, it is likely the information will be held by IPSA. Their contact details for FOI can be found via this link.

Further, IPSA may have already published the information you are seeking.  Details of all claims for business costs and expenses are published on their publication website. You can also find responses to FOI requests submitted to IPSA on IPSA's FOI Disclosure Log

Alternatively, you can find details of all requests made to the Compliance Officer in the table below.


Making a request under the Freedom of Information Act

If you wish to make a request under the FOIA, please submit your request using the contact details given on our Contact us page, clearly entitling your correspondence "FOI Request".

When making a request, please assist us:

  • by being specific about the information you are seeking;

  • by letting us know in what format you would like the information (e.g. by post or email); and

  • by providing contact details.


When we receive your request

We aim to reply to requests promptly and will advise you when you can expect to receive a reply. We are obliged, under the FOI Act, to provide a response within 20 working days.


If you are dissatisfied with the response you receive

If you are dissatisfied with the response that you receive, you have the right to request an internal review. Please click here to view the procedure for doing so.

Freedom of Information responses 

Details of all requests received and responded to by the Compliance Officer for IPSA can be found below. Click on the 'request reference' link to view the response.


​Request reference Date responded Request​​
FOI2011-001 ​01 September 2011 ​Whether MPs and Lords who have received money to which they are not entitled have repaid
FOI2011-001b​ ​19 September 2011 Confirmation all MPS have claimed expenses illegally have been required to repay and have done so
​FOI2011-002 0​6 December 2011 The cost of conducting an investigation into the use of Andrew Griffiths MP's car​
F2013-001 ​14 May 2014 Legal costs covered by IPSA regarding Jim McGovern MP's appeal​
F2014-001 06 August 2014​​ Evidence obtained by Compliance Officer​ during the handling of a complaint​
F2014-002 02 July 2014 ​Correspondence with the Ministry of Justice
F2014-003 ​10 September 2014 Further correspondence with the Ministry of Justice
F2014-004 ​14 October 2014 Correspondence with IPSA and with Jeremy Hunt MP regarding assessment of complaint​
COM-1040 ​03 December 2015 Details of all complaints handled by the Compliance Officer since 2012-13​
COM-1049 8 January 2016​ Details of all complaints handled by the Compliance Officer in 2015-16 (to date)​
COM-1052​ 15 January 2016​ Correspondence exchanged with complainants​
COM-1067​ 17 February 2016​ ​Repayments by Simon Danczuk MP
COM-1083​ ​31 March 2016 ​Correspondence relating to three complaints handled by the Compliance Officer


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